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Fergus and Flynn walking Hustler's Reef Reserve

Fergus and Flynn looking into the future at Hustler’s Reef Reserve, Bendigo

I got a call in mid-January about a puppy farm raid that meant 15 dogs needed fostering immediately and would I help by taking two of them? Support and information was available, I could give them back at any time without question, so  my dog-mad housemate and I went on a road trip to pick them up. These adult dogs had been in a puppy farm all their lives, were filthy, had no socialisation, and were not used to open spaces.

Waffles (who I renamed Flynn) was introduced to me at a rock star, as he was the dog used on the TV news item about the puppy farm raid. From the shut-down, traumatised dog he was then, has emerged a playful, cuddle-loving creature who enjoys human company. He is the short-haired dog in the crate. I thought he was tan-coloured until he had had a couple of baths, and it turns out he is white. He is happy to hang around the house, although he likes going on walks. He is social with new people, and seeks pats. He likes to sit on your lap. He is calmly sociable with new dog playmates. He is interested in what is going on in the world, and has adapted well to a routine.

Flynn 18 Jan 17

Flynn on the right, with Butterball


Flynn March 7 2017

Flynn makes himself at home on the couch

Fergus was a very anxious dog when he arrived, and found security in corners and safe enclosed spaces. His coat was long and filthy. The first bath he had he just froze, and the water turned black as though the dye had run. By the time he had the second bath he was confident enough to try to escape from the tub, indicating that he has adapted well.  He is a gentleman, and curious about the world. He seems quite serious, and likes to sit at your feet rather than on your lap, although strokes and belly rubs are very popular. His coat is soft and feels wonderful. If bones are being handed out to him and his foster brother, he wants ALL the bones to himself. When visiting new places he is curious, confident and friendly. He gets on well with other dogs and seems to ignore cats, except when he sees them while out walking. He loves going for walks.

Fergus 18 January 17

Rescue day for a traumatised Fergus

We gave them love, security, a gradually expanding environment, baths, haircuts, and introduced them to walking on a lead. It was only later when they went to their forever home that I realised how much nurturing they had given me as well. Their love and connectedness with me was positive input that helped me as I helped them. I missed them when they went, even though I did not want to keep them. They look happy with their new family, and are clearly well cared for.


Fergus 7 March 2017

Fergus with ALL THE BONES


There are many global transitions at the moment and the zeitgeist is not a happy one overall. I am endeavouring to make a positive contribution to the world through my new business, as well as through being kind; fostering rescue dogs was a deliberate attempt to put love out into the world and make the dogs’ lives better. The return of the love was a wonderful bonus.

Fergus looks out to the world and Flynn snuggles in

Fergus looks out to the wider world while Flynn snuggles in.


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