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At choir I received a sound bath. Fifteen people stood around me and hummed or sang a range of sounds. It was amazing. I experienced it visually as well as aurally, with a full synaesthesia thing happening. I was kneeling in the music room at my university, yet was transported.

From: http://www.intrepidtravel.com/sites/default/files/elements/product/hero/australia_alice-springs_kata-tjuta_rocks-green-shrubs.jpg

I saw rocks like these

Image: http://www.intrepidtravel.com/sites/default/files/elements/product/hero/australia_alice-springs_kata-tjuta_rocks-green-shrubs.jpg

I was in outback Australia, with an ochre rocky outcrop/cliff and vivid blue sky. As the singing continued trees grew and thickened into a forest. A phone made a sharp ding-ding and that sound became a meteorite. The bright streak moved across the darkening sky over the worn, ochre rocks. As the singing faded out the trees thinned and I could see the red dirt again. It was like 100 years of a place transforming packed into five minutes.



Image: http://www.thecreateescape.com.au/work/Writing%20in%20Mercatello/Shooting_star.jpg

Seeing sound is new to my experience; closing my eyes and being open to it is wonderful. I had this experience without any expectations, and was expecting a nurturing gift of sound. On an other day I’d had a synaesthesia experience when we were singing interwoven, individual responses to a warm-up riff. That was like multi-coloured ribbons weaving in three dimensions around the space. It is a wonderful thing to experience, and I will be open to more of it.


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